This blog is about my own journey to sustainability—getting outside of the box and being more authentically human. It’s about not viewing 'wealth' as money, but as something much more holistic and broad. The ideas presented here come from my newest book, The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comments from a Reader

I found The Good Life, by Sherry Ackerman, an absolute must read, absorbing, and thought provoking. She sheds a ray of hope, through her grounded experience, into a world that is anything but stable. This is a book for those of us who live to work, racing to buy the `stuff,' that is sure to bring us lasting happiness, security, and prestige; only to find, once acquired, the magic is gone because these things were only fleeting desires, not sustainable necessities. Ackerman encourages us to question our values, and take a closer look at how we spend our time and energies. Must we rape the earth of all its resources to satisfy our selfish lusts to gain more stuff, stuff that has buried us in empty promises of pleasure, and left us with huge debts, foreclosed homes, lost jobs, and not enough time to know our loved ones? Wouldn't it be better to slow down and become at peace with the nature surrounding us, to share earth's bounty with all of its inhabitants, and be a responsible part of a restored balance that was intended all along? Yes, it's possible, with you and me, together, one step at a time. This book starts us down a path where each of us can lay down our own stepping stones, which together can pave a way to a new sustainable good life where we have everything we need and the time to enjoy it.